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Introducing the powerful and reliable 350 Excavator from Foshan Baile Machine Co., Ltd. This top-of-the-line excavator is designed for maximum efficiency and productivity on the job site. With its advanced technology and durable construction, the 350 Excavator can handle tough digging and loading tasks with ease. Its ergonomic design and comfortable cabin provide operators with a safe and comfortable working environment, allowing them to focus on the task at hand. Equipped with a high-performance engine and hydraulic system, this excavator delivers excellent power and speed, making it a valuable asset for any construction or excavation project. Whether you're digging trenches, loading trucks, or performing demolition work, the 350 Excavator is the perfect choice for getting the job done efficiently and effectively. Trust Foshan Baile Machine Co., Ltd. for top-quality construction equipment that meets the demands of the industry.
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  • I recently purchased the 350 Excavator and I am extremely impressed with its performance. The machine is powerful and has been able to handle every excavation job with ease. The hydraulic system works flawlessly, and the controls are smooth and responsive. The 350 Excavator also has a comfortable and well-designed operator's cabin, making long days on the job much more enjoyable. The durability of this machine is also worth noting, as it has held up well through some tough and rugged terrain. Overall, I am highly satisfied with the 350 Excavator and would recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and efficient excavator.
    Ms. Leina Chen
  • The 350 Excavator is a powerful and versatile piece of equipment. It easily handles even the toughest digging and lifting jobs. The hydraulic system is smooth and precise, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The cab is comfortable and spacious, with excellent visibility and ergonomic controls. The fuel efficiency is impressive, saving on operating costs and reducing environmental impact. The maintenance is straightforward, keeping downtime to a minimum. Overall, the 350 Excavator is a reliable and efficient machine that delivers outstanding performance on any job site. Highly recommended for anyone in need of a top-notch excavator.
    Mr. Gareth Ho
Introducing the powerful and reliable 350 Excavator, designed to handle a wide range of tough excavation tasks with ease. This heavy-duty machine is built for superior performance, delivering impressive digging power and exceptional strength to handle even the most demanding construction jobs.

With its advanced hydraulic system and durable construction, the 350 Excavator offers smooth and precise operation, making it the perfect choice for digging trenches, demolishing structures, and moving heavy materials. Equipped with a spacious and comfortable cab, operators can work long hours with reduced fatigue, while the intuitive controls make operation straightforward and efficient.

The 350 Excavator is designed with safety in mind, featuring various safety features to protect both the operator and the surrounding environment. From its sturdy frame to its reliable braking system, this excavator is built to keep everyone safe on the job site.

Whether you're working on a construction site, tackling a landscaping project, or handling road construction, the 350 Excavator is the ideal choice for getting the job done right. Its impressive performance and durable construction make it the go-to machine for professionals in the construction and excavation industry.

Experience the power and versatility of the 350 Excavator and take your excavation tasks to the next level.

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