Hydraulic Grabbing Machine

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Basic Info.

Drive Type
Electric Drive
Bucket Capacity
CE, ISO9001: 2000

Product Description

Hydraulic Grabbing Machine

Hydraulic Grabbing Machine Introduction:

Our Hydraulic Grabbing Machine has more power.Lower fuel consumption and stronger operation performance.It can meet a variety of different operation requirements,and its adaptability to working conditions is further enhanced.

The machine is equipped with toothless orange peel grab as standard which is applicable to the loadfing.unloading stacking and transferring of scrap steel.bulk materials.wood and other materials in iron and steel enterprised ports.docks,railway ports,freight yards,etc,in addition,a variety of working machines and tools such as clampshell bucket,timber grab electric suction cup and slings can be selected to grab,load unload and sort raw coal,round wood .metal.sawdust.grass and othe materials to meet the needs of customers under vatious working conditions.

(1)More engergy -saving and environment friendly
Lower fuel consumption
The power system adopts cumming engine.which is powerful.low fuel consumption and convenient for daily maintenance.the low engine speed during operation can output all the power.so that the high productivity can be met with low fuel consumption and the cost of ownership can be sabed for customers.
Hydraulic Grabbing Machine
Geater working range 
The whole machine has a longer grasp distance.a higher grasp height,a greater grasp depth and a greater lifting force,which can significantlly improve the operating efficiency and save more costs for customers.

Advance hydraulic system
The main components of the hydraulic system.such as the main pump.main value,servo valve and slewing mechanism,are imported from abroad,the maximum power of the engine can be converted into the hghtst lifting force or high speed s required .the maximum lifting force is available at any time.

Hydraulic Grabbing Machine
(2)More confortable and safer
Integrated control panel
Lifting type cab
wide field of cision and safety

Equipped with omni-direction camera

(3)More Reliable and Durable
Hydraulic Grabbing Machine

Hydraulic Grabbing Machine Hydraulic Grabbing Machine Hydraulic Grabbing Machine Hydraulic Grabbing Machine Hydraulic Grabbing Machine

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